It’s QUITsy with Etsy




Since July 18,  2009 I have offered a wide array of my ceramic work for sale through the online handcrafter’s marketplace known as Etsy.

But, now it’s kaput, done-ski, o.v.e.r. My Shop is still there, with a few remnant listings, but no need to check it out – it’s on Vacation – indefinitely – until I can take a stick and kill it.

It’s been a pretty fair run: 89 sales to some nice people, 99% of them living east of the Mississippi River, where I hardly ever go. (About one sale a month.) A nice fat PayPal account, for a time. 370 Shop Admirers.



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Extra! Extra! Hot Off the Press!!!: Hot Out of the Kiln for December 2014



A couple of months ago I got interviewed in my studio about my work. A first for me. (Eeep!)

And photographed. (Quadruple Eeep!!!!)

For serious publication. (Total freeze with barely audible eeep.)

The article was just published in the toney Santa Cruz Style Magazine.  (OK, I’ll peek…)Read More >

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I Just Deleted 10,789 Picture Files



And, yes, it was on purpose.

Since I got a digital camera, like you, I have been taking lots of photos. And not really curating them. They were overwhelmingly of my artwork – in many angles, backdrops, settings, styles – and took up the lion’s share of the room. But, as a full service artist,  I also had a lot of backstory, process, documentation, activity, marketing and adjunct photos.

None of it was very well organized. The folder trees were serendipitous. I knew where to find stuff by rote – most of the time. I promised myself I would straighten it all out “Someday.” And that Someday proved to take a couple of months to execute.

I was wise to stall on this. If I knew what I was getting into – and I blessedly did not – I might have never attempted it.Read More >

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