Each piece from this Kindy Kollages series begins with one or more of my own vintage Kindergarten tempera-on-newsprint paintings. Yes, a lifetime later I still have them!

They are cropped for better focus and mounted on a wooden support. Then the conversation begins!

Using both current and vintage paper sources, I seek and cut out compelling gestural figures to collage onto the painting’s composition. Most often I reverse the cut-outs to see what the serendipity of a printed page reveals. The figures’ markings and shapes are carefully aligned with the colors and shapes of the painting and often a narrative is revealed.

The titles give clues, the description of each work reveals a bit more. And if the figure remained on its right side, it directly added to the visual story.

Since this decades-old source is so precious and limited, I’ve made sure to use it all up. I take the scraps, cut them into random strips and weave them loosely and gesturally. There are more to come in that category so check back here soon.

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Showing 1–12 of 40 results