Knitted Porcelains - Liz Crain Ceramics
Knitted Porcelains On the Fence - Liz Crain Ceramics
Knitted Porcelains - Liz Crain Ceramics
Liz Crain in her studio
Games People Play : Gummo
Knitted Porcelains On the Fence - Liz Crain Ceramics
Assorted Cannery


You found me and my art! Let’s look around…

While I’ve worked a long while with ceramics – and here you will see the gamut –  recently other media are joining in to create both mixed media works combining clay with yarns and fibers, as well as the magic of pure knitted porcelain.

Explore the PORTFOLIO to enjoy examples of my whole body of work, past and present. Check out the constantly-changing SHOP to see what pieces are currently available for purchase. And, even though there are postings stretching back to 2009 and it’s on a brief hiatus,  please don’t miss the STUDIO JOURNAL where I roam around my creative universe with words and images. Subscribe to get missives when I return, if you like.

Coming Soon to these studio pages will be images and journaling about my Pandemic Pivot: I have returned to embrace my pre-clay explorations in the 2D world of acrylic painting, amazing and mystifying even myself. But ultimately it turns out this artist’s life still has no limits,  and I like that.

I’m glad you’re here for any and all of it. Drop me a line any time at the CONNECT page. I welcome your questions and comments and respond fairly quickly.



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