T Minus 1 Day Until My Most Successful Mistake Yet


I have a fabulous Artist’s Talk and Demo at Cabrillo College Ceramics planned.  Got my talking points, props and handouts in line. Have some great Segment Titles, such as “Failures of Concept and Skill,” a couple of which are shown in the photo.

Even so, I expect my earnestly laid plans to veer off-road – and I truly hope they do!Read More >

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Artist’s Talk/Demo, T Minus 3 Days

old postcard


One of the topics the Cabrillo Mud Heads Ceramics Club members requested I talk about this coming Friday was my experience transitioning from a ceramic student to a career ceramic artist. I have plenty to say on that subject, especially as it pertains to the general arc of Mistakes and Making Them Right.

Case in point: ordering too many thousands of postcards for Open Studios in 2013.Read More >

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Making Mistakes Right: The Artist’s Talk, T Minus 5 Days

Artist Talk 1

I was invited to give a three-hour Artist’s Talk/Demo at Cabrillo College Ceramics and it’s coming up this Friday.

While I gladly said yes about a month ago, I am now wondering just who volunteered me behind my back, because the scaredy-catted introverted hide-in-her-studio artist has got the dithers. My Inner Critic, Scylla,  is quite sure I will suck in the most boringly didactic way possible. That the crowd will politely suffer my foolishness and drift off at the first break and it will be The Worst Talk Ever.Read More >

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Are You Experienced? 10 Ceramic Skills Extenders


are you experiencedOnce I made a cup set in response to a Beginning Hand-building class assignment. The cups were rudimentary root vegetable shapes with wings for handles and I was inordinately proud of my conceit and execution of it. None of them stood up, having those pointy little root ends and all, and – being a clay newbie – when they were bone dry, I bobbled the long skinny carrot cup and broke off a wing. The kiln tech at that time was a most helpful resource for me who has since gone on to be a teacher himself and I naturally went to him to get ideas about re-attaching the wing.Read More >

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