Rare Earth Indeed

Eight Ceramic Prairie Dogs in Rainbow colors by Kari Rives
“Prairie Rainbow” by Kari Rives

I popped into the newly opened “Rare Earth: National Ceramics Exhibition” currently open in the Cabrillo Gallery in Aptos today. And I got wowed! Without a lot of interpretive yak, I thought to simply share with you a smidge what I saw that was new and exciting. And I do mean smidge as there are another few visits-worth needed in order to let the great range of work percolate through.



celadon teabowl with sculptural wooden display support
“Cup and Saucer” by Patrick Kingshill




ceramic sculpture in blob form with small shapes by Brad Blair
“Breeding Blob” by Brad Blair



"Perianth 2" by Cj Jilek
“Perianth 2” by Cj Jilek


Ceramic Portrait wall piece
“The Lunch Lady” by Suzanne Storer


Liz Crain, who not only soaked up the work of a bunch of new-to-her ceramic artists,  she also saw something she has secretly always wished done with her own two pieces in the show. They were placed with more of their “backs” visible than their fronts! That’s beyond fabulous because she often puts the kicker to her work there, whether it’s more outrageous product claims with the words or a stranger angle to the visual narrative. All sides count with 3D objects and that’s why this exhibit will need multiple visits this month.

Exhibit Details: “Rare Earth National Ceramics Exhibition,” Cabrillo Gallery, Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Library Rm 1002, Aptos, CA, October 3 – October 28, 2016.  M-F 9-4, M and Tues eves, 7-9. Reception Sunday October 9 4:30-6

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