99 Cans of Beer On the Wall



Glory Be! It’s here!

My first ever Solo Show, “99 Cans of Beer on the Wall”  is installed for the month of May at Roscoe Ceramic Gallery in Oakland, CA.

You’re invited, whether in person or virtually. Or both. I love that. You can see the display,  purchase a piece or two, or just say hey. It all counts.

I completely redecorated the website in anticipation of this exhibit. (Thank you Priscilla Shih Cinque of ZapTuba for your heart and energy.)

How do you like it? It’s new and swanky and I still haven’t fully moved in, gotten comfortable with the appliances or installed the towel racks, but it looks promising.

It’s room to spread out and represent authentically.

Just like this exhibit: I have thrown down nearly all I’ve got.

Crafting and choosing the work has also seen me improve in my making and painting patience skills. No longer am I in a hurry: 99 Cans of Beer will happen whether you hurry or not and they will be better if you stay happily trotting in place alongside each and every one.

It was a great new way to work and will follow me into the rest of what I do this year. And every year.

Thank you to Derik Van Beers, Roscoe Ceramic Gallery and my old and new fans…

I am honored to share this harvest with you. Here is Stevie Wonder’s “Smile Please” for a Fulfillingness’ First Finale accompaniment.

–Liz Crain, who has always hungered for it. 99 Cans of Beer on the Wall (plus some completely awesome Tea Cans in the opposite corner and some all rusty shot up cans in the “small works case”) will be at Roscoe Ceramic Gallery, May 1-30, with receptions on May 1 from 6-9pm and May 21, 6-8pm. Open Saturdays 12-5 throughout the month. This is just the beginning…

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