Spicing It Up: Hot Out of the Kiln for November, 2014




A few years ago, I tried my hand at a handful of ceramic spice tins.

It was a premature and unfocussed effort.  While those sweet works eventually found homes, in my artist’s heart they were close but not fully realized. They were something I needed to circle round to again.

I could be more patient. I could be more handy with my materials. I could be more.

Happily, just in time for the season of flavors and family, of memories and good smells, may I present my more?

THIS time I got what I wanted:  The More from my hands and heart.

I got the Stoned Soul Picnic of spiciness and love!

Here is a realization in every sense. Here is an ending and a beginning. Here is sweet and spicy jubilation!

–Liz Crain, who understands how repetition and working in series feeds the necessary learning to fulfill the original impulse.


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