Fairy God Cub

Here’s the bookend to my last post about Ratty Got Her Wings, a second sculpture of mine accepted into the Santa Cruz Art League’s upcoming exhibit entitled Beasts on Broadway: Animals Galore. (The SCAL is located on Broadway in Santa Cruz, hence the show title.)
Introducing the Fairy God Cub! It’s another animal sculpture “with a twist” completed under the tutelage of Tiffany Schmierer of Skyline College last summer.
What I love about this one is the vulnerable (sheepish?) expression of the baby lion and of course those strap-on costume fairy wings. All fantasy protectors should engage us like this. Here’s another shot of the wings:
The interesting thing about wings¬† is,¬† as far as I can tell, angels have feathered bird wings and fairies have diaphanous insect wings. So, am I right? Any of you out there really informed about this? It’s the sort of detail that makes a huge difference between a general interpretation and getting a sculpture that reads in all the right ways.
What ever did we do before Google Image searches? I remember using picture encyclopedias, but even they could fall short at times. Or maybe I am just a lot more specific and picky than I used to be. Yeah, that’s it!
All I wanted today was a short and sweet post about the short and sweet Fairy God Cub.
May you glimpse your own inner kid-self playing dress-up and donning, along with the wings or the cape or the mask, magical powers in spite of very real doubts… and for the time being becoming protected and fantastic.
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4 thoughts on “Fairy God Cub

  1. The wings are perfect because, who can actually document what kind of wings angels or fairies have??? Maybe we are all right or all wrong!
    Having seen this beauty in person I can attest that it is even nicer than the photos could capture!

  2. Another cutie! What a wonderful piece.

    Yes, what did we do before Google? The Internet has surely made this a small world.

    Keep up the good work, Liz. These are going to be such a hit at your show!

  3. The wings are perfect as is the expression!

  4. Love the Fairy God Cub! I thank you for your wonderful comment about my…Celebrating a Life, blog post. When the catlove of my life…Virgil died, I did a portrait of him and my intern did one too….. She put butterfly wings on him and then gave me the painting for Christmas. I think wings rock!

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