I. Love. This. Mug! (And This One! And THIS One! And…)

Title Wall Great American Mug Show


A tantalizing shooting star of an exhibit titled Great American Mug Show: A Love Story opened yesterday. It’ll be up for less than two weeks, so make your plans if you’re in range.

Like a salivatin’ monkey at the Bananas Galore Shack, I had to go look, touch, desire and consume. I decided one Best Mug is an impossibility. One requires a whole wardrobe for all one’s unique drinking and vessel-acquiring needs. Here’s my fantasy collection from this show.


Tall Black Ceramic Stein

Something tall and impossibly elegant for an afternoon of hip quaffing.


Figurative Ceramic Ceremonial Cup

Something mythic for ceremonial potent potions.


Three animal painted ceramic mugs

Something whimsically serious to share fizzy and fruity libations with a kick.


Three ceramic mugs with birds

Something mysterious – involving ravens in trees – for dark and earthy brews.


Three highfired mugs

Something classic in every way, form to finish, for putting any damn thing you want in!

Wide shot of lots of ceramic mugs at The Radius Gallery

And lots and lots more to choose from; this is maybe a quarter of it all! When I return I know I will find all new loves to add to my mugtastic and cupalicious collection.

–Liz Crain, who has three mugs in this show and is proud to see her local ceramic tribe out in fine form on a national stage.

Show Details:

  • September 14 through 25,
  • Radius Gallery in the Tannery Arts Center, 1050 River St, Studio 127, Santa Cruz, CA. 95060.
  • Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 12-5pm
  • Opening Reception: September 17, 6-8pm
  • Beer Night: September 21, 7-9pm
  • Brunch: September 25, 11am-1pm




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