Stuckism: An International Non-Movement

graphic of 20th - 21st century art movements
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Knowing me as you all do now, you might think I made up Stuckism, especially when I’m bemoaning creative blocks.  I did not.  It’s legit, though. See that turquoise circle down there on the lower right, sticking out beyond all those played-out Post-modernisms? It’s in the vanguard, but taking aim over its shoulder at Art’s 20th Century Pompous Bad Guys: “Against conceptualism, hedonism and the cult of the ego-artist,” proclaims the subhead on their Twenty Point Manifesto from 1999.   I like Stuckism, it’s cheeky and makes more than a few savory points I can relate to. It may also have saved my artistic soul.  So let’s cherry pick and see how the thoughts of some grumpy British painters apply to a philosophical American ceramicista.

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