The Party’s Over, Time to Go HO…

Ladder with beer in front of wall title being de-installed


The HOME Exhibit at the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery just closed. Everybody’s pieces are going home – some to new ones. I have written about this exhibit for the past six weeks: the drop-off, its reception, three of the most compelling pieces in it, and my artwork in depth. (All the links you need are below.) We will close this Summer Blog-a-thon too, with a tiny glimpse of striking the set and beginning the new production. Over is OVER, as the deconstructed title wall serendipitously demonstrated when I showed up to get my piece.

With all exhibits there are specific days and times for picking up the work. Galleries desperately need the old artwork to leave as there is usually precious little storage, the gallery spaces need cleaning, re-painting, and resetting. The next show’s bounty is due to arrive.

The Terms of Agreement every artist signs upon acceptance into an exhibit address this important time and the PVA is no different. There’s a $10 a day storage fee beyond the pick-up deadline and if it’s left for 30 days without prior arrangement, the work may be sold to benefit the organization.

Besides those stated terms, leaving a piece after an exhibit is over also leaves it completely vulnerable: the exhibit insurance expires (if there was any!), the piece is instantly in the way and, even with careful intentions, becomes subject to shuffling and interim placements of convenience to the gallery.  Your work is definitely off its pedestal now! Truly better for all to just come get your piece as promised.

When I showed up, nearly at the end of the pick-up period, the gallery was a hive of new activity. I found, packed and signed for my work at the check-out table of volunteers. And around us, the de-installation work party was in full swing. The few remaining paintings were back on the floor. Mounting screws were being removed and holes patched in all seven display areas. A table was full of folks labeling postcards for the next exhibit’s mailing. A cozy camraderie abounded. I love backstages! And found still lives.


Empty display counter with wall patch and pile of screws


–Liz Crain, who’s looking forward to the next Pajaro Valley Arts exhibit she wants to be a part of later this fall: their annual Day of the Dead Exhibit titled “Mi Casa Es Su Casa.”

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