Proud New Member #34585



Of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America! With Full Rights and Priviledges!

Yes, I sort of backed-into this membership – and that is another story of internet intrigue and connection – BUT,  the better takeaway is that it is proving interesting.

For starters, a LOT of the folks who enjoy my ceramic beer cans were at one time, or still are,  serious beer can collectors, so it makes sense to belong to a long-lived organization that reveres them – even if my ceramic versions tend to baffle (One guy says to another “Hey, here’s one that will never rust! ” and his buddy replies, “Yeah, but if you drop it, it’s over.”)

They have a magazine that is rife with imagery and some passionate writing:



Also note that they have an Annual CANvention. Missed it this year in Texas – and just like NCECA, I will wait until it is drop-dead daytrip EASY to attend before signing up. But in the meantime, the pages are full of imagery, interesting and well-written history and LOTS of current chat  columns with titles such as “Point of Brew.”

I think these collectors are nearly 180 degrees  out from what I do with ceramic beer cans. They seek the un-sullied, near perfect candidate, while I speak to entropy and survival. We DO have an intersection of the inevitable, but just why I am a member of this organization is about an artform, perhaps not the one I create. 

Ancora Imparo: “I am still learning”  – Michelangelo

Coming up is a local get-together that I will probably attend.


I will go out of most curious curiosity. Out of a reporter’s need to witness and describe and an artist’s need to  immerse and synthesize. Who ARE these people? What ambiance is there? Can I connect on any level? All to be seen because all to be experienced.

-Liz Crain, who thinks it’s funny she came to the BCCA because a local chapter member linked to her Etsy Shop with an element of disdainful misunderstanding, which she is on a semi-campaign to gently set to rights.


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2 thoughts on “Proud New Member #34585

  1. Okay – I know you are not fond of traveling far from home but if they ever hold their CANvention in Tucson, you simply must come visit and stay with me while you check it out 🙂

    1. You KNOW it, Terry!!!!

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