Vitri-Oil Blissful Elixir Tea Can


This ceramic Tea Can – a modern teapot! – takes the old time railroad oiling can form and gives it a new brand: Vitri-Oil, The Blissful Elixir. It is completely hand-formed and decorated in sandy yellow, glowing red-orange and rust. The front features a beautiful old flowing script, while the back states possible applications to obtain relief. See all the photos to enjoy!

  • 100% Ceramic
  • Working lid
  • Pouring spout
  • Strong handle
  • Food-safe interior
  • Touches of rust and wear to fool the eye
  • Unusual gift!

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The classic metal railroad oiler featured a really l-o-n-g spout so the conductor could quickly run up the line and give every wheel a squirt quickly. This ceramic version of the form adds surprise with an invented product, Vitri-Oil. It is entirely hand-formed and painted on with bright ceramic colors recalling 19th century graphics. The lid is removable, the handle is easy to grip, the spout pours well, and the interior is food-safe. Fill it with your own special contents and pour in great style.

  • Materials: clay, underglazes, stains, oxides and glaze
  • Colors:  Sandy Yellow, Red, Rust
  • Completely fired to mid-range stoneware temperatures
  • Hand-wash, please

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Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 7.25 × 13 in