Small Worx Series: Rounded Square Dish with Openwork


Here’s a unique dish from the Small Worx Series, which is essentially a collection of curiosities. It’s a square dish with rounded corners which is 2/3 solid and glazed and 1/3 stained openwork. It makes a mighty statement for something so small. It’s such a handy size for catching small items or offering a dab of something yummy. A few of them together would be quite fun.

  • 100% Ceramic
  • Hand-formed
  • Mottled Black/SoftGreen/Rust Glaze with Red Iron Oxide Stain
  • Food-safe (more so on glazed portion)
  • Uses abound for this small size
  • Lovely gift, even for yourself

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Small Worx can be nearly anything within a small format. It’s fun when the little dishes play with texture and the unexpected.

  • Materials: Clay, Glaze, Oxide Stain
  • Colors: Iron, Black, Soft Earthy Green, Rust
  • Fully fired to mid-range stoneware temperatures
  • Dimensions: .5″ x 3″ x 3″
  • Care: Handwash, please.


Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 3 × .50 in