Crazy Heart Rogue Repellent Flask


This ceramic canister takes on a classic flask shape and combines it with the invented Crazy Heart Rogue Repellent brand. It is completely hand-formed and decorated individually, including the special white cracked layer over the black heart on the red field. The back tells you what other ne’er-do-wells it is good for. See all the photos to enjoy!

  • 100% Ceramic
  • Working lid
  • Food-safe interior
  • Touches of rust and wear to fool the eyes
  • Unique gift!

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Cans come in nearly any shape and size. This ceramic one takes the flask form and adds the surprise of an invented brand: Crazy Heart Rogue Repellent. It is entirely hand-formed and painted with fired-on ceramic colors, including that special cracked glaze. The lid is removable and the interior food-safe, so feel free to add your own version of what Rogue Repellent might be.

  • Materials: clay, underglazes, stains and oxides
  • Colors: Red, Black, White, Rust
  • Completely fired to mid-range stoneware temperatures
  • Hand-wash, please

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 4.25 × 5.5 in