An Ogee Patterned Luminaria


The renowned translucency of porcelain just begs to be lit from within. And when it’s fashioned into a lacy knitted porcelain luminaria, it becomes a lovely expression of art and light. The white unglazed knitted porcelain cylinder functions like a lamp’s diffuser sitting on a separate small black matte porcelain disc. Add a tealight (included!) and you’ve got a unique and quite wonderful illumination.

How, you ask? It starts with a handknit cotton shape which is dipped in liquid porcelain, shaped as it dries and fired to temperature. The cotton burns away, leaving a lovely detailed memory of the knitting. It is light, but surprisingly sturdy, showing all the handknit details exactly as they were. Often the kiln accentuates the gesture of the soft knitted fabric, resulting in pieces with a lively character.

Please see all the photos to enjoy these ogee patterned luminarias lit and unlit, to see all three parts included, and to delight in an example of what we mean by “lively character.”

  • Made from cotton, porcelain slip, porcelain clay and glaze.
  • Hand-formed into shape
  • Translucent white and matte black
  • Three pieces: Luminaria cylinder, bottom saucer, tealight
  • Works with tealights, short candles, etc. Wax or electric.
  • Makes ethereal groupings
  • Mindblowing gift

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Each one of a kind luminaria is entirely hand-made, from knitting the original form to dipping it in liquid porcelain, to tending and shaping while it dries. The kiln’s heat can also add to the soft and fluid touchability. The saucer is hand-formed and glazed.  See all the photos!

Note: nearly any knitted porcelain piece on this site looks great with a light inside, which shows off the stitchery, even if it isn’t lacy. The piece just needs a large enough opening, but those wine bottle strings of lights on a cork fit the narrowest of openings, too.

  • Materials: Porcelain and Glaze
  • Color: Translucent White and Matte Black
  • Size, Approx: 6″h x 3.5″w x 3.5″d
  • Fully fired to mid-range stoneware temperature
  • “Holds” light, but not liquid!
  • Hand-rinse and dab with soft cloth
  • Free Shipping!

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 5 in