ABC Conetop Beer Can


Completely hand-fashioned and decorated, here’s a straight-forward label of ABC Old English Ale from 1930s St. Louis!  Drink up, post-Prohibition-style. The hand-painted graphics are in black, white, and red with random splashes of rust. See all the photos for the 360 view. Line a few of these up on a high bar shelf, yours or someone else’s.

  • 100% Ceramic
  • Food-safe interior
  • Hand-applied touches of “rust”
  • Great in a fool-the-eye grouping
  • An unusual gift

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This ceramic conetop beer can honors the brand ABC from St. Louis. It is entirely hand-formed and painted with fired-on ceramic colors. There are touches of rust and perhaps a dent. The interior lining is food-safe, so go ahead and fill it with something fun. Enjoy its distinctive style, perhaps in a collection. Maybe yours? And it makes a great gift, too.

  • Materials: clay, underglazes, stains and oxides
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Rusts
  • Completely fired to mid-range stoneware temperatures
  • Capacity: about 2 cups
  • Hand-wash, please
  • Free Shipping!

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.75 × 5.5 in