One part Ring Toss, one part Beer Pong, and a bazillion more parts Do-It-Your-Way for the most fun, this fusion game is composed of  sixteen different-sized elegantly textured and glazed ceramic sipper cups.

The cups can be arranged in any fashion within the main box. As play progresses and the ringed cups and their smaller boxes are removed, the remaining cups can be rearranged for continued challenges.

The  skinny rubber tossing rings are just large enough to ring easily when well-tossed , and just small enough to require a bit of effort.

Game Play

This fusion game leaves plenty of room for developing your own House Rules. At its most basic, it’s an artsy ring toss game for as many players as you’ve got. Put the cups in the box, determine how far away to stand, distribute rings and start flinging. Whoever rings a cup removes it, re-racks the board and possibly gets another turn.

Landing a ring can also get some sort of prize or further advantage. If the cups are filled with something delicious, the ringer gets their contents. Jellybeans? Money? Adult beverages? You decide. If the cups hold something dangerous, maybe the ringer wants an opponent to have it.

Your crowd may want to adopt further guidelines for leaners, doubles, do-overs etc., but the whole idea is to Toss It Off in style.