The board and playing pieces of Color Theory consist of 64 glowing colored ceramic tiles in eight different colors, each one represented in the rows and columns, as well as in the eight playing pieces per side. Black and white twisty loops form the tops of the ceramic playing pieces and identify the two sides. All is designed and installed in a wooden found object serving tray.

Game Play

The goal is to be the first to move one of your pieces to the opposite side of the board.

Set up by putting all eight pieces of each side – black or white – at opposite end rows matching each piece’s color to the same color tile.

Black starts by moving any color playing piece forward as many squares as they like – straight or diagonally –  to any color square. After this first move, play proceeds alternately by turns as follows: Players MUST move their colored piece which matches the color of the square the previous player landed on. Pieces may move forward – straight or diagonally – any number of open spaces. No jumping or capturing. No landing on or moving past an occupied square.

The game can be played as a single or in rounds for a Best Of series.