Here is the changing array of Exhibits, Festivals, Studio Tours,  Fundraisers, Gallery Shows and Pop-Up Venues where you may find my work, and sometimes me with it!

Current Events

The Pandemic Festival Faire Gallery Exhibit is ALL Right Here!

Considering that absolutely EVERY EVENT or ONGOING GALLERY EXHIBIT on my 2020 Calendar has been closed, cancelled, indefinitely postponed or never even got off the ground, the ONLY places you can see or purchase my art are:

  1. Right here in MY ONLINE SHOP. I will be soon be adding new works – more knitted porcelain and WOW!!!! knitted wool flowers that can go with them or stand alone.  Check out the sale items, too. It’s secure and easy, with free shipping to the US.
  2. By appointment in my studio’s front yard porch. CONTACT me to arrange this. One person at a time, please, with appropriate PPE and personal distancing and card payment preferred over cash and checks…(Desperate times and all that.)
  3. You can also find me on Facebook: Liz Crain Ceramics and Instagram: lizcrainceramicista  and if you see something you gotta have, just let me know there. We will make our own deal – still with free shipping! – and use PayPal or whatever works.

Can you think of anything else? I look forward to hearing from you because I am making new art every single day! Liz

Upcoming Events


The “I Wonder What 2021 Will Bring?” Show

A few exhibits and events are lining up for the coming year, provided we can gather in person again safely. As of this posting (December 2020) none of them are for certain, but we can plan and hope. And, until we get closer and find out if they’re actually gonna go, know that they may begin as early as in the Spring!

In the meantime: May you and yours be well. Please wear your masks and keep six feet away from everyone in “the public.” Eat well, get enough sleep and move your body. Make your own wonderful art, whatever form it takes. Please enjoy mine, too. Thanks for reading this and happy trails until we meet again.