These Henpecked Bowls came about by a thrilling accident. In early 2017 I began a daily meditative practice of walking while pinching a small bowl. One chilly morning it led me outside to a sunny patch where my backyard chickens were pecking away. A curious inkling led me to add a bit of their seedy treat to a softly formed bowl to see what they would do with it. They avidly pecked and gobbled, and that’s how my girls became my creative partners. I use no other tools for these bowls, just my hands and their beaks. I smooth over any holes they make, reshape what they warp or walk on, but aim to leave the piece pretty much as they did. The texture is stained and glazed to accentuate their marks; the interiors have glaze colors to match their feathers, eyes, combs and eggs.

This collection reflects work that has sold since 2017. To see what Henpecked Bowls are currently available, please visit my SHOP.